Dream of a Better World

[[zh]]DreamStarter是一個社會創新教育項目,透過一個體驗式的尋夢之旅,我們希望從小培養學生關注聯合國17個世界持續發展目標,運用創新思維為社區帶來改變,從中學習企業家精神,凡事懷着信心解決問題,迎接未來的挑戰。整個計劃更會透過網上眾籌,共享資源及經驗分享等方式,提高公眾對學生夢想的關注,協助學生一步步實踐目標。[[en]]DreamStarter is an innovative education program,which through an experientialdream-seeking journey,hopesto cultivate an awareness to the UN's 17 world Sustainable Development Goals instudents and encourage them to use innovative thinking to bring changes to thecommunity. Students learn the spirit of entrepreneurship in their DreamStarterjourney,preparingthem to solve problem with confidence and meet future challenges withresilience. The entire program will also raise public awareness of studentdreams through online crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing in order to helpstudents reaching their goals step by step.


[[zh]]參與DreamStarter的學校改變現有上課時間表,一般午飯前的時段學生均按照學校的原定時間表上課;而下午學生則不按年級和能力由學校分班及分組,約8至10人一組,全年跟隨一位擔當協調者(facilitator)的老師一起共同商討組織一個夢想計劃。[[en]]Schoolsparticipating in DreamStarter change their existing class schedule. Regular classes are scheduled before lunch hour. In the afternoon,students grouped,intogroups of 8 to 10 people,notaccording to the grade or ability,tocreate and bring to life a dream plan with the facilitation of a teacherthroughout the year.


[[zh]]中我們鼓勵學生走入社區,從身邊事物出發,了解不同環境及文化,學習與不同持份者溝通,運用創意、社會創新、共享資源及STEM等方法,嘗試為社區及生活帶來新改變之餘亦能獲得到書本以外的豐富知識。[[en]]We encouragestudents,startingfrom the things around in their community,to understand different environments and cultures; to learn tocommunicate with different stakeholders; to bring new changes to the communityand life through creativity,socialinnovation,sharedresources and STEM. Through all these experience students acquire a wealth ofknowledge beyond books.